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Scientific nameStatus
Apaloderma (Hapaloderma)genus (synonym)
Apaloderma (Heterotrogon)genus (synonym)
Apaloderma narinafull species
Apaloderma narina [narina, arcanum or rufiventre]subspecies group (or species)
Apaloderma narina [narina or arcanum]subspecies group (or species)
Apaloderma narina narinanominal subspecies
Apaloderma narina arcanumsubspecies
Apaloderma narina rufiventresubspecies
Apaloderma narina littoralesubspecies
Apaloderma narina brachyurumsubspecies
Apaloderma narina constantiasubspecies
Apaloderma aequatorialefull species
Apaloderma vittatumfull species
Apaloderma vittatum vittatumnominal subspecies
Apaloderma vittatum camerunensissubspecies
Apaloderma [narina x vittatum]hybrid
Apalharpactes [reinwardtii or mackloti]species group (or species)
Apalharpactes reinwardtiifull species (or nominal subsp)
Apalharpactes macklotifull species (or subspecies)
Harpactes (Pyrotrogon)genus (synonym)
Harpactes fasciatusfull species
Harpactes fasciatus fasciatusnominal subspecies

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