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Scientific nameStatus
Bathoceleusfossil genus (extinct)
Bathoceleus hyphalusfossil species (extinct)
Palaeonerpesfossil genus (extinct)
Palaeonerpes shortifossil species (extinct)
Palaeopicusfossil genus (extinct)
Palaeopicus archiacifossil species (extinct)
Palaeopicus consobrinusfossil species (extinct)
Pliopicusfossil genus (extinct)
Pliopicus brodkorbifossil species (extinct)
Homalopusfossil genus (extinct)
Homalopus picoidesfossil species (extinct)
Dinopium javanense or Chrysocolaptes guttacristatusspecies group
Dryocopus lineatus or Campephilus sp.species group
Picidae sp.species group
Colaptes chrysoides x Melanerpes uropygialishybrid
Jynx torquillafull species
Jynx torquilla torquillanominal subspecies
Jynx torquilla sarudnyisubspecies
Jynx torquilla tschusiisubspecies
Jynx torquilla mauretanicasubspecies
Jynx torquilla [chinensis or japonica]subspecies group (or species)
Jynx torquilla chinensissubspecies
Jynx torquilla japonicasubspecies
Jynx torquilla himalayanasubspecies

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