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Scientific nameStatus
Hylomanes momotulafull species
Hylomanes momotula momotulanominal subspecies
Hylomanes momotula chiapensissubspecies
Hylomanes momotula obscurussubspecies
Aspatha (Prionites)genus (synonym)
Aspatha gularisfull species
Momotus (Baryphonus)genus (synonym)
Momotus mexicanusfull species
Momotus mexicanus [mexicanus]subspecies group (or species)
Momotus mexicanus mexicanusnominal subspecies
Momotus mexicanus vanrossemisubspecies
Momotus mexicanus saturatussubspecies
Momotus mexicanus castaneicepssubspecies (candidate for split)
Momotus [momota or aequatorialis]species group (or species)
Momotus [momota, coeruliceps or subrufescens]species group (or species)
Momotus [momota or bahamensis]species group (or species)
Momotus momotafull species (or nominal subsp)
Momotus momota momotanominal subspecies
Momotus momota microstephanussubspecies
Momotus momota ignobilissubspecies
Momotus momota nattererisubspecies
Momotus momota simplexsubspecies

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