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Scientific nameStatus
Mopsittafossil genus (extinct)
Mopsitta tantafossil species (extinct)
Namapsittafossil genus (extinct)
Namapsitta praeruptorumfossil species (extinct)
Serudaptusfossil genus (extinct)
Avolatavisfossil genus (extinct)
Avolatavis tenensfossil species (extinct)
Heraclesfossil genus (extinct)
Heracles inexpectatusfossil species (extinct)
Psittacopesfossil genus (extinct)
Psittacopes lepidusfossil species (extinct)
Pulchrapolliafossil genus (extinct)
Pulchrapollia gracilisfossil species (extinct)
Pulchrapollia olsonifossil species (extinct)
Quercypsittafossil genus (extinct)
Quercypsitta ivanifossil species (extinct)
Quercypsitta sudreifossil species (extinct)
Tynskyafossil genus (extinct)
Tynskya eocaenafossil species (extinct)
Strigops habroptilafull species
Nestor notabilisfull species
Nestor productusfull species
Nestor meridionalisfull species

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