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Scientific nameStatus
Lophopsittacusfossil genus (extinct)
Lophopsittacus bensonifossil species (extinct)
Lophopsittacus mauritianusfossil species (extinct)
Necropsittacusfossil genus (extinct)
Necropsittacus borbonicusfossil species (extinct)
Necropsittacus rodericanusfossil species (extinct)
Alexandrinusfossil genus (extinct)
Platycercus eximius x Polytelis swainsoniihybrid
Polytelis alexandrae x Psephotus haematonotushybrid
Agapornis canus x Melopsittacus undulatushybrid
Agapornis roseicollis x Melopsittacus undulatushybrid
Agapornis personatus x Melopsittacus undulatushybrid
Agapornis nigrigenis x Melopsittacus undulatushybrid
Platycercus elegans x Psittacula kramerihybrid
Aprosmictus erythropterus x Northiella haematogasterhybrid
Alisterus scapularis x Platycercus eleganshybrid
Alisterus scapularis x Psephotus haematonotushybrid
Chalcopsitta cardinalis x Eclectus roratushybrid
Eolophus roseicapilla x Platycercus eximiushybrid
Eclectus roratus x Trichoglossus ornatushybrid
Neophema chrysostoma x Nymphicus hollandicushybrid
Psittrichas fulgidusfull species
Mascarinusfossil genus (extinct)
Mascarinus mascarinfull species

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