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Scientific nameStatus
Psittacella brehmiifull species
Psittacella brehmii brehmiinominal subspecies
Psittacella brehmii intermixtasubspecies
Psittacella brehmii hartertisubspecies
Psittacella brehmii harterti (harterti)nominal suspecies (sensu stricto)
Psittacella brehmii harterti (ornata)junior synonym (or subspecies)
Psittacella brehmii [pallida or buergersi]subspecies group (or species)
Psittacella brehmii pallidasubspecies
Psittacella brehmii buergersisubspecies
Psittacella pictafull species
Psittacella picta [picta or excelsa]subspecies group (or species)
Psittacella picta pictanominal subspecies
Psittacella picta excelsasubspecies
Psittacella picta lorentzisubspecies
Psittacella [modesta or madaraszi]species group (or species)
Psittacella modestafull species
Psittacella modesta modestanominal subspecies
Psittacella modesta [collaris or subcollaris]subspecies group (or species)
Psittacella modesta collarissubspecies
Psittacella modesta subcollarissubspecies
Psittacella madaraszifull species
Psittacella madaraszi [madaraszi, major, hallstromi]subspecies group (or species)
Psittacella madaraszi madaraszinominal subspecies
Psittacella madaraszi majorsubspecies

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