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Scientific nameStatus
Certhiopsfossil genus (extinct)
Resoviaornisfossil genus (extinct)
Resoviaornis jamrozifossil species (extinct)
Wieslochiafossil genus (extinct)
Wieslochia weissifossil species (extinct)
Winnicavisfossil genus (extinct)
Winnicavis gorskiifossil species (extinct)
Passeriformes sp. (Old World warbler sp.)spuh
Spizella passerina or Helmitheros vermivorumspecies group
Junco hyemalis or Setophaga pinusspecies group
Passerellidae or Parulidae sp. (trilling song)spuh
Passeriformes sp.spuh
Passeriformes [hybrid]hybrid
Zosterops virens x Serinus canaria [var. domesticus]hybrid
Palaeoscinisfossil genus (extinct)
Palaeoscinis turdirostrisfossil species (extinct)
Paleoscinisfossil genus (extinct)
Acanthisitta chlorisfull species
Acanthisitta chloris chlorisnominal subspecies
Acanthisitta chloris chloris (chloris)nominal suspecies (sensu stricto)
Acanthisitta chloris chloris (citrina)junior synonym (or subspecies)
Acanthisitta chloris grantisubspecies
Xenicus longipesfull species

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