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Scientific nameStatus
Hydrornis phayreifull species
Hydrornis caeruleusfull species
Hydrornis caeruleus caeruleusnominal subspecies
Hydrornis caeruleus hoseisubspecies
Hydrornis oatesifull species
Hydrornis oatesi oatesinominal subspecies
Hydrornis oatesi castaneicepssubspecies
Hydrornis oatesi bolovenensissubspecies
Hydrornis oatesi deborahsubspecies
Hydrornis schneiderifull species
Hydrornis nipalensisfull species
Hydrornis nipalensis nipalensisnominal subspecies
Hydrornis nipalensis hendeeisubspecies
Hydrornis sororfull species
Hydrornis soror [soror or annamensis]subspecies group (or species)
Hydrornis soror sorornominal subspecies
Hydrornis soror annamensissubspecies
Hydrornis soror petersisubspecies
Hydrornis soror tonkinensissubspecies
Hydrornis soror flynnstoneisubspecies
Hydrornis soror douglasisubspecies
Hydrornis [guajanus, irena or schwaneri]species group (or species)
Hydrornis [guajanus or irena]species group (or species)
Hydrornis guajanusfull species (or nominal subsp)

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