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Scientific nameStatus
Ilicura militarisfull species
Masius chrysopterusfull species
Masius chrysopterus chrysopterusnominal subspecies
Masius chrysopterus bellussubspecies
Masius chrysopterus paxsubspecies
Masius chrysopterus coronulatussubspecies
Masius chrysopterus peruvianussubspecies
Corapipo gutturalisfull species
Corapipo alterafull species (or subspecies)
Corapipo altera alteranominal subspecies
Corapipo altera heteroleucasubspecies
Corapipo [leucorrhoa or altera]species group (or species)
Corapipo leucorrhoafull species (or nominal subsp)
Antilophia galeatafull species
Antilophia bokermanninewly discovered taxon
Chiroxiphia linearisfull species
Chiroxiphia linearis linearisnominal subspecies
Chiroxiphia linearis fastuosasubspecies
Chiroxiphia lanceolatafull species
Chiroxiphia [pareola or boliviana]species group (or species)

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