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Scientific nameStatus
Pipreola (Euchlornis)genus (synonym)
Pipreola riefferiifull species
Pipreola riefferii [riefferii or chachapoyas]subspecies group (or species)
Pipreola riefferii [riefferii]subspecies group (or species)
Pipreola riefferii riefferiinominal subspecies
Pipreola riefferii occidentalissubspecies
Pipreola riefferii melanolaemasubspecies
Pipreola riefferii confusasubspecies
Pipreola riefferii [chachapoyas or confusa]subspecies group (alt)
Pipreola riefferii chachapoyassubspecies (candidate for split)
Pipreola riefferii tallmanorumsubspecies (candidate for split)
Pipreola intermediafull species
Pipreola intermedia intermedianominal subspecies
Pipreola intermedia signatasubspecies
Pipreola arcuatafull species
Pipreola arcuata arcuatanominal subspecies
Pipreola arcuata viridicaudasubspecies
Pipreola [aureopectus, jucunda, lubomirskii or pulchra]species group (or species)
Pipreola aureopectusfull species (or nominal subsp)
Pipreola aureopectus aureopectusnominal subspecies
Pipreola aureopectus decorasubspecies
Pipreola aureopectus festivasubspecies
Pipreola jucundafull species (or subspecies)
Pipreola lubomirskiifull species (or subspecies)

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