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Scientific nameStatus
Myiornis (Perissotriccus)genus (synonym)
Myiornis albiventrisfull species
Myiornis [auricularis or albiventris]species group (or species)
Myiornis auricularisfull species
Myiornis auricularis auricularisnominal subspecies
Myiornis auricularis cinereicollissubspecies
Myiornis atricapillusfull species
Myiornis [ecaudatus or atricapillus]species group (or species)
Myiornis ecaudatusfull species
Myiornis ecaudatus ecaudatusnominal subspecies
Myiornis ecaudatus miserabilissubspecies
Myiornis sp. species (unconfirmed)
Oncostoma cinereigularefull species
Oncostoma olivaceumfull species
Lophotriccus (Colopterus)genus (synonym)
Lophotriccus (Cometornis)genus (synonym)
Lophotriccus (Orchilus)genus (synonym)
Lophotriccus pileatusfull species
Lophotriccus pileatus pileatusnominal subspecies
Lophotriccus pileatus luteiventrissubspecies
Lophotriccus pileatus santaeluciaesubspecies
Lophotriccus pileatus squamaecristasubspecies

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