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Scientific nameStatus
Elaenia (Elainea)genus (synonym)
Elaenia (Elainia)genus (synonym)
Elaenia (Elania)genus (synonym)
Elaenia martinicafull species
Elaenia martinica [martinica]subspecies group (or species)
Elaenia martinica martinicanominal subspecies
Elaenia martinica riisiisubspecies
Elaenia martinica barbadensissubspecies
Elaenia martinica [cinerescens]subspecies group (or species)
Elaenia martinica cinerescenssubspecies
Elaenia martinica remotasubspecies
Elaenia martinica chinchorrensissubspecies (candidate for split)
Elaenia martinica caymanensissubspecies
Elaenia flavogasterfull species
Elaenia flavogaster flavogasternominal subspecies
Elaenia flavogaster subpaganasubspecies
Elaenia flavogaster pallididorsalissubspecies
Elaenia flavogaster semipaganasubspecies
Elaenia [spectabilis or ridleyana]species group (or species)
Elaenia spectabilisfull species (or nominal subsp)
Elaenia ridleyanafull species (or subspecies)
Elaenia [albiceps, chilensis or modesta]species group (or species)
Elaenia [albiceps or modesta]species (alt)
Elaenia [albiceps or chilensis]species group (or species)

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