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Scientific nameStatus
Attila phoenicurusfull species
Attila cinnamomeusfull species
Attila torridusfull species
Attila citriniventrisfull species
Attila bolivianusfull species
Attila bolivianus bolivianusnominal subspecies
Attila bolivianus nattererisubspecies
Attila rufusfull species
Attila rufus rufusnominal subspecies
Attila rufus hellmayrisubspecies
Attila spadiceusfull species
Attila spadiceus [spadiceus or uropygiatus]subspecies group (or species)
Attila spadiceus spadiceusnominal subspecies
Attila spadiceus uropygiatussubspecies
Attila spadiceus [flammulatus]subspecies group (or species)
Attila spadiceus flammulatussubspecies (candidate for split)
Attila spadiceus pacificussubspecies
Attila spadiceus cozumelaesubspecies
Attila spadiceus gaumerisubspecies
Attila spadiceus salvadorensissubspecies
Attila spadiceus citreopygasubspecies
Attila spadiceus sclaterisubspecies
Attila spadiceus canicepssubspecies
Attila spadiceus parvirostrissubspecies

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