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Scientific nameStatus
Myiophobus (Empidochanes)genus (synonym)
Myiophobus flavicansfull species
Myiophobus flavicans flavicansnominal subspecies
Myiophobus flavicans perijanussubspecies
Myiophobus flavicans venezuelanussubspecies
Myiophobus flavicans caripensissubspecies
Myiophobus flavicans superciliosussubspecies
Myiophobus phoenicomitrafull species
Myiophobus phoenicomitra phoenicomitranominal subspecies
Myiophobus phoenicomitra litaesubspecies
Myiophobus inornatusfull species
Myiophobus roraimaefull species
Myiophobus roraimae roraimaenominal subspecies
Myiophobus roraimae sadiecoatsaesubspecies
Myiophobus roraimae rufipennissubspecies
Myiophobus fasciatusfull species
Myiophobus fasciatus [fasciatus or crypterythrus]subspecies group (or species)
Myiophobus fasciatus [fasciatus]subspecies group (or species)
Myiophobus fasciatus fasciatusnominal subspecies
Myiophobus fasciatus furfurosussubspecies
Myiophobus fasciatus saturatussubspecies
Myiophobus fasciatus auricepssubspecies
Myiophobus fasciatus flammicepssubspecies
Myiophobus fasciatus crypterythrussubspecies

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