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Scientific nameStatus
Cercomacroidesfossil genus (extinct)
Cercomacra cinerascensfull species
Cercomacra cinerascens cinerascensnominal subspecies
Cercomacra cinerascens immaculatasubspecies
Cercomacra cinerascens iteratasubspecies
Cercomacra cinerascens sclaterisubspecies
Cercomacra brasilianafull species
Cercomacra [tyrannina, laeta or parkeri]species group (or species)
Cercomacra [tyrannina or laeta]species group (or species)
Cercomacra tyranninafull species (or nominal subsp)
Cercomacra tyrannina [tyrannina, rufiventris or crepera]subspecies group (or species)
Cercomacra tyrannina [tyrannina or rufiventris]subspecies group (or species)
Cercomacra tyrannina tyranninanominal subspecies
Cercomacra tyrannina rufiventrissubspecies
Cercomacra tyrannina [saturatior or vicina]subspecies group (or species)
Cercomacra tyrannina creperasubspecies
Cercomacra tyrannina vicinasubspecies
Cercomacra tyrannina saturatiorsubspecies
Cercomacra laetafull species (or subspecies)
Cercomacra laeta laetanominal subspecies
Cercomacra laeta waimirisubspecies
Cercomacra laeta sabinoisubspecies
Cercomacra parkerifull species (or subspecies)
Cercomacra [nigrescens or fuscicauda]species group (or species)

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