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Scientific nameStatus
Pteroptochos (Hylactes)genus (synonym)
Pteroptochos (Pteroptochus)genus (synonym)
Pteroptochos [tarnii or castaneus]species group (or species)
Pteroptochos tarniifull species (or nominal subsp)
Pteroptochos castaneusfull species (or subspecies)
Pteroptochos megapodiusfull species
Pteroptochos megapodius megapodiusnominal subspecies
Pteroptochos megapodius atacamaesubspecies
Scelorchilus albicollisfull species
Scelorchilus albicollis albicollisnominal subspecies
Scelorchilus albicollis atacamaesubspecies
Scelorchilus rubeculafull species
Scelorchilus rubecula rubeculanominal subspecies
Scelorchilus rubecula mochaesubspecies
Liosceles thoracicusfull species
Liosceles thoracicus thoracicusnominal subspecies
Liosceles thoracicus dugandisubspecies
Liosceles thoracicus erithacussubspecies
Psilorhamphus guttatusfull species
Acropternis orthonyxfull species

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