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Scientific nameStatus
Anabazenops fuscusfull species
Anabazenops dorsalisfull species
Megaxenops parnaguaefull species
Cichlocolaptes leucophrusfull species
Cichlocolaptes leucophrus leucophrusnominal subspecies
Cichlocolaptes leucophrus holtisubspecies
Cichlocolaptes mazarbarnettinewly discovered taxon
Heliobletus contaminatusfull species
Heliobletus contaminatus contaminatusnominal subspecies
Heliobletus contaminatus camargoisubspecies
Heliobletus sp. species (unconfirmed)
Philydor pyrrhodesfull species
Philydor fuscipennefull species (or subspecies)
Philydor fuscipenne fuscipennenominal subspecies
Philydor fuscipenne erythronotumsubspecies (candidate for split)
Philydor fuscipenne erythronotum (erythronotum)nominal suspecies (sensu stricto)
Philydor fuscipenne erythronotum (fulvescens)junior synonym (or subspecies)
Philydor [erythrocercum or fuscipenne]species group (or species)
Philydor [erythrocercum or ochrogaster]species group (or species)
Philydor erythrocercumfull species (or nominal subsp)

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