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Scientific nameStatus
Gerygone (Ethelornis)genus (synonym)
Gerygone (Pseudogerygone)genus (synonym)
Gerygone chloronotafull species
Gerygone chloronota [chloronota, cinereiceps, aruensis]subspecies group (or species)
Gerygone chloronota chloronotanominal subspecies
Gerygone chloronota cinereicepssubspecies
Gerygone chloronota aruensissubspecies
Gerygone chloronota darwinisubspecies
Gerygone palpebrosafull species
Gerygone palpebrosa [palpebrosa]subspecies group (or species)
Gerygone palpebrosa [palpebrosa or inconspicua]subspecies group (or species)
Gerygone palpebrosa palpebrosanominal subspecies
Gerygone palpebrosa inconspicuasubspecies
Gerygone palpebrosa wahnesisubspecies
Gerygone palpebrosa tararasubspecies
Gerygone palpebrosa personatasubspecies
Gerygone palpebrosa flavidasubspecies (candidate for split)
Gerygone olivaceafull species
Gerygone olivacea olivaceanominal subspecies
Gerygone olivacea cinerascenssubspecies
Gerygone olivacea rogersisubspecies
Gerygone [chrysogaster or dorsalis]species group (or species)
Gerygone chrysogasterfull species (or nominal subsp)
Gerygone chrysogaster [excl. ruficauda]species (alt)

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