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Scientific nameStatus
Oriolus (Broderipus)genus (synonym)
Oriolus melanotisfull species
Oriolus melanotis melanotisnominal subspecies
Oriolus melanotis finschisubspecies
Oriolus [bouroensis or decipiens]species group (or species)
Oriolus bouroensisfull species (or nominal subsp)
Oriolus decipiensfull species (or subspecies)
Oriolus forstenifull species
Oriolus phaeochromusfull species
Oriolus szalayifull species
Oriolus sagittatusfull species
Oriolus sagittatus sagittatusnominal subspecies
Oriolus sagittatus magnirostrissubspecies
Oriolus sagittatus affinissubspecies
Oriolus sagittatus grisescenssubspecies
Oriolus flavocinctusfull species
Oriolus flavocinctus flavocinctusnominal subspecies
Oriolus flavocinctus migratorsubspecies
Oriolus flavocinctus muellerisubspecies
Oriolus flavocinctus tiwisubspecies
Oriolus flavocinctus flavotinctussubspecies
Oriolus flavocinctus kingisubspecies
Oriolus [xanthonotus, steerii or albiloris]species group (or species)
Oriolus [xanthonotus or steerii]species (alt)

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