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Scientific nameStatus
Newtonia [amphichroa or lavarambo]species group (or species)
Newtonia amphichroafull species (or nominal subsp)
Newtonia lavarambonewly discovered taxon
Newtonia brunneicaudafull species
Newtonia brunneicauda brunneicaudanominal subspecies
Newtonia brunneicauda monticolasubspecies
Newtonia archboldifull species
Newtonia fanovanaefull species
Tylas eduardifull species
Tylas eduardi eduardinominal subspecies
Tylas eduardi albigularissubspecies
Calicalicus [madagascariensis or rufocarpalis]species group (or species)
Calicalicus madagascariensisfull species (or nominal subsp)
Calicalicus rufocarpalisfull species (or subspecies)
Hypositta (Hypherpes)genus (synonym)
Hypositta corallirostrisfull species
Leptopterus chabertfull species
Leptopterus chabert chabertnominal subspecies
Leptopterus chabert schistocercussubspecies

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