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Scientific nameStatus
Chaetorhynchus papuensisfull species
Lamprolia victoriaefull species
Lamprolia victoriae victoriaenominal subspecies
Lamprolia victoriae klinesmithisubspecies
Rhipidura (Setosura)genus (synonym)
Rhipidura (Cyanonympha)genus (synonym)
Rhipidura (Leucocirca)genus (synonym)
Rhipidura [superciliaris or samarensis]species group (or species)
Rhipidura superciliarisfull species (or nominal subsp)
Rhipidura superciliaris superciliarisnominal subspecies
Rhipidura superciliaris aposubspecies
Rhipidura samarensisfull species (or subspecies)
Rhipidura [cyaniceps, sauli or albiventris]species group (or species)
Rhipidura cyanicepsfull species (or nominal subsp)
Rhipidura cyaniceps cyanicepsnominal subspecies
Rhipidura cyaniceps pinicolasubspecies
Rhipidura [albiventris or sauli]species group (or species)
Rhipidura albiventrisfull species (or subspecies)
Rhipidura saulifull species (or subspecies)
Rhipidura phoenicurafull species
Rhipidura nigrocinnamomeafull species
Rhipidura nigrocinnamomea nigrocinnamomeanominal subspecies

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