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Scientific nameStatus
Myiagra (Platygnathus)genus (synonym)
Myiagra (Seisura)genus (synonym)
Myiagra (Piezorhynchus)genus (synonym)
Myiagra freycinetifull species (or subspecies)
Myiagra erythropsfull species (or subspecies)
Myiagra [oceanica, freycineti, erythrops or pluto]species group (or species)
Myiagra oceanicafull species (or nominal subsp)
Myiagra plutofull species (or subspecies)
Myiagra atrafull species
Myiagra galeatafull species
Myiagra galeata galeatanominal subspecies
Myiagra galeata buruensissubspecies
Myiagra galeata [goramensis or seranensis]subspecies group (or species)
Myiagra galeata goramensissubspecies
Myiagra galeata seranensissubspecies
Myiagra rubeculafull species
Myiagra rubecula rubeculanominal subspecies
Myiagra rubecula papuanasubspecies
Myiagra rubecula sciurorumsubspecies
Myiagra rubecula concinnasubspecies
Myiagra rubecula yorkisubspecies
Myiagra rubecula okyrisubspecies
Myiagra rubecula [rubecula x yorki]subspecies integrade
Myiagra [ferrocyanea or cervinicauda]species group (or species)

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