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Scientific nameStatus
Prunella collarisfull species
Prunella collaris collarisnominal subspecies
Prunella collaris subalpinasubspecies
Prunella collaris montanasubspecies
Prunella collaris erythropygiasubspecies
Prunella collaris rufilatasubspecies
Prunella collaris tibetanasubspecies
Prunella collaris whymperisubspecies
Prunella collaris nipalensissubspecies
Prunella collaris fennellisubspecies
Prunella himalayanafull species
Prunella rubeculoidesfull species
Prunella rubeculoides rubeculoidesnominal subspecies
Prunella rubeculoides rubeculoides (rubeculoides)nominal suspecies (sensu stricto)
Prunella rubeculoides rubeculoides (fusca)junior synonym (or subspecies)
Prunella rubeculoides murariasubspecies
Prunella strophiatafull species
Prunella strophiata strophiatanominal subspecies
Prunella strophiata jerdonisubspecies
Prunella montanellafull species
Prunella montanella montanellanominal subspecies
Prunella montanella badiasubspecies
Prunella [ocularis or fagani]species group (or species)
Prunella ocularisfull species (or nominal subsp)

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