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Scientific nameStatus
Estrildidae sp.species group
Amadina fasciata x Lonchura oryzivorahybrid
Amadina erythrocephala x Lonchura oryzivorahybrid
Amadina fasciata x Lonchura majahybrid
Lonchura punctulata x Pytilia melbahybrid
Lonchura punctulata x Pytilia afrahybrid
Lonchura striata [var. domestica] x Uraeginthus bengalushybrid
Estrilda erythronotos x Euodice malabaricahybrid
Amandava subflava x Euodice cantanshybrid
Amadina fasciata x Poephila cinctahybrid
Euodice cantans x Amadina fasciatahybrid
Euodice malabarica x Amadina fasciatahybrid
Euodice cantans x Tiaris olivaceushybrid
Lonchura striata [var. domestica] x Serinus canicollishybrid
Taeniopygia guttata x Crithagra leucopygiahybrid
Amandava subflava x Crithagra mozambicahybrid
Taeniopygia guttata x Chloris chlorishybrid
Taeniopygia guttata x Carduelis carduelis canicepshybrid
Taeniopygia guttata x Carduelis carduelishybrid
Amadina fasciata x Carduelis carduelishybrid
Amadina fasciata x Linaria cannabinahybrid
Estrilda troglodytes x Serinus canaria [var. domesticus]hybrid
Euodice cantans x Serinus canaria [var. domesticus]hybrid
Lonchura striata acuticauda x Serinus canaria [var. domesticus]hybrid
Lonchura malacca x Serinus canaria [var. domesticus]hybrid

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