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Scientific nameStatus
Aidemediafossil genus (extinct)
Aidemedia chascaxfossil species (extinct)
Aidemedia lutetiaefossil species (extinct)
Aidemedia zanclopsfossil species (extinct)
Orthiospizafossil genus (extinct)
Orthiospiza howarthifossil species (extinct)
Palaeostruthus hatcherifull species
Vanguliferfossil genus (extinct)
Vangulifer mirandusfossil species (extinct)
Vangulifer neophasisfossil species (extinct)
Xestospizafossil genus (extinct)
Xestospiza conicafossil species (extinct)
Xestospiza fastigialisfossil species (extinct)
Palaeostruthusfossil genus (extinct)
Palaeostruthus euriusfossil species (extinct)
Carduelinae sp.species group
Fringillidae sp.species group
Serinus canaria [var. domesticus] x Luscinia lusciniahybrid
Serinus canaria [var. domesticus] x Luscinia megarhynchoshybrid
Serinus canaria [var. domesticus] x Melopsittacus undulatushybrid
Serinus canaria [var. domesticus] x Lonchura striata acuticaudahybrid
Serinus canaria [var. domesticus] x Lonchura striata [domestica]hybrid
Serinus canicollis x Lonchura striata [var. domestica]hybrid
Serinus canaria [var. domesticus] x Taeniopygia guttatahybrid
Serinus canaria [var. domesticus] x Euplectes franciscanushybrid

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