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Scientific nameStatus
Chlorophonia flavirostrisfull species
Chlorophonia cyaneafull species
Chlorophonia cyanea cyaneanominal subspecies
Chlorophonia cyanea psittacinasubspecies
Chlorophonia cyanea intensasubspecies
Chlorophonia cyanea longipennissubspecies
Chlorophonia cyanea frontalissubspecies
Chlorophonia cyanea minusculasubspecies
Chlorophonia cyanea roraimaesubspecies
Chlorophonia pyrrhophrysfull species
Chlorophonia [occipitalis or callophrys]species group (or species)
Chlorophonia occipitalisfull species
Chlorophonia callophrysfull species
Euphonia (Cyanophonia)genus (synonym)
Euphonia jamaicafull species
Euphonia plumbeafull species
Euphonia [affinis or godmani]species group (or species)
Euphonia affinisfull species (or nominal subsp)
Euphonia affinis affinisnominal subspecies
Euphonia affinis olmecorumsubspecies
Euphonia godmanifull species (or subspecies)
Euphonia luteicapillafull species
Euphonia chloroticafull species

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