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Scientific nameStatus
Mycerobas (Strobilophaga)genus (synonym)
Mycerobas icterioidesfull species
Mycerobas affinisfull species
Mycerobas melanozanthosfull species
Mycerobas carnipesfull species
Mycerobas carnipes carnipesnominal subspecies
Mycerobas carnipes speculigerussubspecies
Mycerobas carnipes merzbacherisubspecies
Mycerobas [icterioides or affinis]species group
Hesperiphona vespertinafull species
Hesperiphona vespertina vespertinanominal subspecies
Hesperiphona vespertina brooksisubspecies
Hesperiphona vespertina montanasubspecies
Hesperiphona vespertina [type 1]color morph
Hesperiphona vespertina [type 2]color morph
Hesperiphona vespertina [type 3]color morph
Hesperiphona vespertina [type 4]color morph
Hesperiphona vespertina [type 5]color morph
Hesperiphona abeilleifull species
Hesperiphona abeillei abeilleinominal subspecies
Hesperiphona abeillei pallidasubspecies
Hesperiphona abeillei saturatasubspecies
Hesperiphona abeillei cobanensissubspecies

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