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Scientific nameStatus
Melamprosops phaeosomafull species
Paroreomyza montanafull species (or subspecies)
Paroreomyza montana montananominal subspecies
Paroreomyza montana newtonisubspecies (candidate for split)
Paroreomyza flammeafull species (or subspecies)
Paroreomyza maculata [incl. newtoni]species (alt)
Paroreomyza [maculata, montana, flammea], Oreomystic bairdi, or Loxops manaspecies group (or species)
Paroreomyza maculatafull species (or nominal subsp)
Dysmorodrepanisfossil genus (extinct)
Dysmorodrepanis munroifull species
Rhodacanthisfossil genus (extinct)
Rhodacanthis flavicepsfull species
Rhodacanthis palmerifull species
Rhodacanthis forfexfossil species (extinct)
Rhodacanthis litotesfossil species (extinct)
Chloridopsfossil genus (extinct)
Chloridops konafull species
Chloridops wahifossil species (extinct)
Chloridops regiskongifossil species (extinct)
Telespiza (Telespyza)genus (synonym)
Telespiza ultimafull species
Telespiza [cantans or ultima]species group (or species)

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