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Scientific nameStatus
Calcarius (Centrophanes)genus (synonym)
Calcarius lapponicusfull species
Calcarius lapponicus lapponicusnominal subspecies
Calcarius lapponicus subcalcaratussubspecies
Calcarius lapponicus coloratussubspecies
Calcarius lapponicus alascensissubspecies
Calcarius lapponicus kamtschaticussubspecies
Calcarius pictusfull species
Calcarius ornatusfull species
Rhynchophanes mccowniifull species
Plectrophenax [nivalis or hyperboreus]species group (or species)
Plectrophenax nivalisfull species
Plectrophenax nivalis nivalisnominal subspecies
Plectrophenax nivalis insulaesubspecies
Plectrophenax nivalis vlasowaesubspecies
Plectrophenax nivalis townsendisubspecies
Plectrophenax hyperboreusfull species
Plectrophenax [nivalis x hyperboreus]hybrid
Calcarius or Rhynchophanes sp.species group
Rhynchophanes mccownii x Calcarius ornatushybrid
Calcarius lapponicus x Plectrophenax nivalishybrid

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