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Scientific nameStatus
Remiz [pendulinus, macronyx or coronatus]deprecated concept
Remiz [pendulinus, macronyx, coronatus or consobrinus]species group (or species)
Remiz [pendulinus or macronyx]species group (or species)
Remiz pendulinusfull species (or nominal subsp)
Remiz pendulinus pendulinusnominal subspecies
Remiz pendulinus menzbierisubspecies
Remiz pendulinus caspiussubspecies
Remiz pendulinus jaxarticussubspecies
Remiz macronyxfull species (or subspecies)
Remiz macronyx macronyxnominal subspecies
Remiz macronyx neglectussubspecies
Remiz macronyx nigricanssubspecies
Remiz macronyx ssaposhnikowisubspecies
Remiz macronyx altaicussubspecies
Remiz coronatusfull species (or subspecies)
Remiz coronatus coronatusnominal subspecies
Remiz coronatus stoliczkaesubspecies
Remiz [consobrinus or coronatus]species group (or species)
Remiz consobrinusfull species (or subspecies)
Remiz [macronyx x pendulinus]hybrid
Remiz [coronatus x pendulinus]hybrid
Aegithalusgenus (synonym)
Anthoscopus punctifronsfull species

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