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Scientific nameStatus
Sylvietta (Baeocerca)genus (synonym)
Sylvietta [virens or flaviventris]species group (or species)
Sylvietta virensfull species (or nominal subsp)
Sylvietta virens virensnominal subspecies
Sylvietta virens tandosubspecies
Sylvietta virens tando (tando)nominal suspecies (sensu stricto)
Sylvietta virens tando (meridionalis)junior synonym (or subspecies)
Sylvietta virens barakasubspecies
Sylvietta flaviventrisfull species (or subspecies)
Sylvietta dentifull species
Sylvietta denti dentinominal subspecies
Sylvietta denti hardyisubspecies
Sylvietta chapinifull species (or subspecies)
Sylvietta [leucophrys or chapini]species group (or species)
Sylvietta leucophrysfull species (or nominal subsp)
Sylvietta leucophrys leucophrysnominal subspecies
Sylvietta leucophrys chloronotasubspecies
Sylvietta leucophrys chloronota (chloronota)nominal suspecies (sensu stricto)
Sylvietta leucophrys chloronota (arileuca)junior synonym (or subspecies)
Sylvietta brachyurafull species
Sylvietta brachyura [brachyura or carnapi]subspecies group (or species)
Sylvietta brachyura brachyuranominal subspecies
Sylvietta brachyura carnapisubspecies
Sylvietta brachyura leucopsissubspecies

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