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Scientific nameStatus
Dybowskiagenus (synonym)
Heliolaisgenus (synonym)
Blanfordiusgenus (synonym)
Drymoicagenus (synonym)
Frankliniagenus (synonym)
Drymoipusgenus (synonym)
Urorhipisgenus (synonym)
Prinia crinigerafull species
Prinia crinigera [crinigera or assamica]subspecies group (or species)
Prinia crinigera crinigeranominal subspecies
Prinia crinigera assamicasubspecies
Prinia crinigera striatulasubspecies
Prinia crinigera cathariasubspecies
Prinia crinigera parvirostrissubspecies
Prinia crinigera parumstriatasubspecies
Prinia crinigera striatasubspecies
Prinia polychroafull species
Prinia polychroa polychroanominal subspecies
Prinia polychroa bangsisubspecies
Prinia polychroa cookisubspecies
Prinia polychroa rockisubspecies
Prinia [atrogularis or superciliaris]species group (or species)
Prinia atrogularisfull species (or nominal subsp)
Prinia atrogularis atrogularisnominal subspecies

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