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Scientific nameStatus
Necropsarfossil genus (extinct)
Necropsar leguatiinvalid taxon
Necropsar rodericanusfull species
Sturnidae sp.species group
Sturnopastorgenus (synonym)
Temenuchusgenus (synonym)
Sturnus vulgarisfull species
Sturnus vulgaris vulgarisnominal subspecies
Sturnus vulgaris faroensissubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris zetlandicussubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris grantisubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris poltaratskyisubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris tauricussubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris purpurascenssubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris caucasicussubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris humiisubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris nobiliorsubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris porphyronotussubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris minorsubspecies
Sturnus vulgaris oppenheimisubspecies
Sturnus unicolorfull species
Sturnus [vulgaris or unicolor]species group
Sturnus [unicolor x vulgaris]hybrid

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