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Scientific nameStatus
Zoothera (Geomalia)genus (synonym)
Zoothera everettifull species
Zoothera andromedaefull species
Zoothera [mollissima, griseiceps, salimalii or dixoni]species group (or species)
Zoothera [mollissima, griseiceps or salimalii]species group (or species)
Zoothera [mollissima or griseiceps]species group (or species)
Zoothera mollissimafull species (or nominal subsp)
Zoothera mollissima mollissimanominal subspecies
Zoothera mollissima whiteheadisubspecies
Zoothera griseicepsfull species (or subspecies)
Zoothera salimaliinewly discovered taxon
Zoothera dixonifull species (or subspecies)
Zoothera [dauma, major, machiki, lunulata or heinei]species group (or species)
Zoothera [dauma, aurea, neilgherriensis, imbricata, horsfieldi or major]species group (or species)
Zoothera [dauma, aurea, neilgherriensis, horsfieldi or major]species (alt)
Zoothera [dauma, neilgherriensis or horsfieldi]species (alt)
Zoothera [dauma, aurea, major or horsfieldi]species (alt)
Zoothera [dauma, major or horsfieldi]species (alt)
Zoothera [dauma, aurea, neilgherriensis, imbricata or horsfieldi]species group (or species)
Zoothera [dauma, aurea, neilgherriensis or imbricata]species group (or species)
Zoothera [dauma, aurea or neilgherriensis]species group (or species)
Zoothera [dauma or neilgherriensis]species (alt)
Zoothera [dauma or aurea]species group (or species)
Zoothera daumafull species (or nominal subsp)

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