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Aldingaukur Icelandic Eudynamys scolopaceus
Auðsgaukur Icelandic Tapera naevia
Brúnagaukur Icelandic Centropus [superciliosus or burchellii] split
Brúnagaukur (burchellii/fasciipygialis) Icelandic Centropus burchellii
Brúnagaukur (superciliosus/loandae) Icelandic Centropus superciliosus
Dílagaukur Icelandic Clamator glandarius
Eðlugaukur Icelandic Coccyzus merlini
Eðlugaukur (bahamensis) Icelandic Coccyzus merlini bahamensis ssp.
Eðlugaukur [merlini hópur] Icelandic Coccyzus merlini [merlini] ssp group
Fasanagaukur Icelandic Centropus [phasianinus, mui or spilopterus] split
Fasanagaukur (spilopterus) Icelandic Centropus spilopterus
Fasanagaukur [phasianinus hópur] Icelandic Centropus [phasianinus or mui] split
Flandurgaukur Icelandic Hierococcyx fugax
Fleðugaukur Icelandic Surniculus lugubris [excl. stewarti, incl. barussarum]
Gaukur Icelandic Cuculus [canorus or gularis] split
Gaukur Icelandic Cuculus canorus
Geiragaukur Icelandic Guira guira
Gljágaukur Icelandic Chrysococcyx lucidus
Gljágaukur (harterti) Icelandic Chrysococcyx lucidus harterti ssp.
Gljágaukur (layardi) Icelandic Chrysococcyx lucidus layardi ssp.
Gljágaukur (lucidus) Icelandic Chrysococcyx lucidus lucidus ssp.
Gljágaukur (plagosus) Icelandic Chrysococcyx lucidus plagosus ssp.
Grallaragaukur Icelandic Neomorphus geoffroyi
Gullgaukur Icelandic Chrysococcyx caprius
Hlaupagaukur Icelandic Carpococcyx radiceus

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