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Fork-tailed Emerald

Chlorostilbon auriceps (Gould, 1852)

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Partial list of sound recordings available from xeno-canto, &
Species name Recordist Date Location Remarks
Golden-crowned Emerald - Chlorostilbon auriceps Micah Riegner 2014-02-14 Tepoztlán, Tepoztlán, Morelos, Morelos (Mexico) (1900 m) call -

Calling in flight.

Golden-crowned Emerald - Chlorostilbon auriceps Frank Lambert 2015-04-16 Copala, Concordia, Sinaloa, Sinaloa (Mexico) (550 m) flight call -



Golden-crowned Emerald - Chlorostilbon auriceps Charlie Wright 2011-03-22 Sierra de Atoyoc--K6.3 From Paraiso, Guerrero, Mexico, Guerrero (Mexico)   - Same bird as photographed by M. Brady within this checklist, ML45248871 159288451
Golden-crowned Emerald - Chlorostilbon auriceps Jay McGowan 2019-04-04 road above Pluma Hidalgo (15.939, -96.424), Oaxaca, Mexico, Oaxaca (Mexico)   - Calls from a male and female. 157617911
Golden-crowned Emerald - Chlorostilbon auriceps Andrew Spencer 2015-06-01 Panuco road, Sinaloa, Mexico, Sinaloa (Mexico)   - Calls from an adult male alarmed by a nearby Colima Pygmy-Owl, in dense thornscrub on a steep slope. 47803451

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