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African Black Duck

Anas sparsa Eyton, 1838

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Partial list of sound recordings available from xeno-canto, &
Species name Recordist Date Location Remarks
African Black Duck - Anas sparsa Rory Nefdt 25-11-09 Akaki river, Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) (2330 m) Call (A) - Femail Duck with 7 fledgings swimming together 41498
African Black Duck - Anas sparsa Lynette Rudman 2019-03-30 Port Alfred, Western District, Eastern Cape, Bathurst (South Africa) (90 m) call, female, male -

Four birds seen swimming together and calling. There appeared to be two pairs and they would swim up to the mate and bob heads while calling. This took place in a deep pool in a sharp bend in a river surrounded by high cliffs in the early morning in autumn. The link to a video I took of these four ducks calling and displaying:



African Black Duck - Anas sparsa sparsa Charles Hesse 09-09-2010 Bathurst, Eastern Cape (South Africa) (200 m) Calls (B) - 62654
African Black Duck - Anas sparsa Alan Collett 2014-08-22 Graaff-Reinet, Western District, Eastern Cape, Eastern Cape (South Africa) (900 m) call -



African Black Duck - Anas sparsa Louis A. Hansen 24-03-2007 Ndundulu, Udzungwa Mts, Iringa Region , Iringa (pre-2012) (Tanzania) (1880 m) Call (C) - A pair, flyby and calling. Repeated five times 29204
African Black Duck - Anas sparsa Tony Archer 2019-09-21 Klerksdorp, Southern DC, North West, Klerksdorp (South Africa) (1300 m) alarm call -

Short call of birds taking flight



African Black Duck - Anas sparsa Andrew Spencer 2015-09-17 Wilderness NP, Western Cape, South Africa, Western Cape (South Africa)   - Calls from the female of a pair of birds flushing off a small creek. 145864861
African Black Duck - Anas sparsa Tim Cockcroft 2019-03-30 Bathurst, Bathurst (South Africa) (260 m) call -

Four birds in a forest stream, swimming about and bobbing heads.



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