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Caspian Plover

Charadrius asiaticus Pallas, 1773

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Species name Recordist Date Location Remarks
Caspian Plover - Charadrius asiaticus Stephanie Dolrenry 2018-01-19 Kajiado County, Kajiado (Kenya) (1100 m) call -

The recording is of a flock of approximately 20 individuals. All were on the ground in a fairly close-knit flock. They were calling and chasing each other. Observed both males and females. Recording was done using smartphone (iPhone) and was minimally edited to remove human (toddler) sounds.



Caspian Plover - Charadrius asiaticus Ben F. King 1982-09-18 Montasar, Oman, Oman (Oman)   -   41716

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