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Oriental, Everett's or Japanese White-eye [s.l.]

Zosterops [palpebrosus, everetti, japonicus s.l., chloris, citrinella] (= Zosterops palpebrosus) (Temminck, CJ 1824)

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  Zosterops palpebrosus

Original description

  (Temminck, CJ 1824)

   Nouv. Recueil Pl. Color. Ois. livr.49 pl.293 fig.3 sP

  Sylvia palpebrosa

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  TSN: 563865

Geographic range:

  • Zosterops palpebrosus palpebrosus: central and eastern Himalayas east to southern China (Sichuan, Yunnan) and Myanmar; isolated populations on Mahawt Island, Oman, and in southern Iran have been assigned to nominate palpebralis, although this requires confirmation
  • Zosterops palpebrosus occidentis: northeastern Afghanistan east to western Himalayas, and northern and central India
  • Zosterops palpebrosus siamensis: southern Myanmar east through Indochina
  • Zosterops palpebrosus egregius: Sri Lanka
  • Zosterops palpebrosus nilgiriensis: western India (Western Ghats); most populations elsewhere in southern peninsular India are more or less similar
  • Zosterops palpebrosus salimalii: SE India (se Hyderabad)
  • Zosterops palpebrosus nicobaricus: Andaman and Nicobar islands
  • Zosterops melanurus melanurus: Mts. of central and e Java and Bali
  • Zosterops melanurus buxtoni: western Java; a population on Sumatra also has been assigned to buxtoni, but the identification of Sumatran birds as buxtoni has been questioned
  • Zosterops auriventer auriventer: poorly known; documented only from southeastern Myanmar
  • Zosterops auriventer tahanensis: southern Thai-Malay Peninsula
  • Zosterops auriventer medius: Borneo
  • Zosterops auriventer wetmorei: southern Thailand and the northern Thai-Malay Peninsula
  • Zosterops japonicus [japonicus or yesoensis]: southern Sakhalin, Japan, and the southern Korean Peninsula; partially migratory, withdrawing from Sakhalin and northern Japan in the nonbreeding season
  • Zosterops japonicus alani: Volcano Is. (Iwo Jima and Minami-iwo-Jima)
  • Zosterops japonicus daitoensis: Daito Is. (Philippine Sea)
  • Zosterops japonicus loochooensis: Iriomote (Ryukyu Is.)
  • Zosterops japonicus insularis: Ryukyu Is. (Tanegashima and Yakushima)
  • Zosterops japonicus stejnegeri: Izu Is. (s Japan); introduced to Bonin Is.
  • Zosterops simplex simplex: breeds in eastern China (from extreme southern Gansu east to Jiangsu, south to eastern Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong and Fujian), Taiwan, and northeastern Vietnam; northern populations migratory, wintering from southeastern China to Thailand and central Indochina
  • Zosterops simplex hainanus: Hainan (s China)
  • Zosterops simplex williamsoni: southern Thailand and east coast of northern and central Thai-Malay Peninsula
  • Zosterops simplex erwini: coastal forests of the western and southeastern Thai-Malay Peninsula, of Sumatra, the Riau Islands, Bangka, and the Natuna Islands; population of coastal western Borneo provisionally assigned here, but possibly a distinct taxon
  • Zosterops meyeni [meyeni or gilli]: Philippines (Calayan, Luzon, Lubang, Verde, Marinduque, Banton, and Caluya)
  • Zosterops meyeni batanis: Lüdao (Green) and Lanyu (Orchid) Islands (southeast of Taiwan) and Batan Islands (Philippines, north of Luzon)
  • Zosterops salvadorii: Enggano and Mega islands (off w Sumatra)
  • Zosterops everetti everetti: Philippines (Cebu)
  • Zosterops everetti basilanicus: Philippines (Basilan, Dinagat, Mindanao, Siargao, Camiguin Sur)
  • Zosterops everetti boholensis: Philippines (Bohol, Leyte, Samar, Calicoan and Biliran)
  • Zosterops everetti siquijorensis: Philippines (Siquijor)
  • Zosterops everetti mandibularis: Sulu Archipelago (Sulu, Tawitawi, Jolo, Bongao, Sanga Sanga)
  • Zosterops everetti babelo: Talaud Is. (Karakelong and Salebabu) and n Sulawesi
  • Zosterops montanus montanus: central Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Sula Is., Buru, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Timor
  • Zosterops montanus whiteheadi: N Philippines (n Luzon)
  • Zosterops montanus halconensis: Philippines (Mindoro)
  • Zosterops montanus pectoralis: Philippines (n Negros)
  • Zosterops montanus diuatae: S Philippines (n Mindanao)
  • Zosterops montanus vulcani: S Philippines (Mt. Apo and Mt. Katanglad on Mindanao)
  • Zosterops montanus parkesi: SW Philippines (Palawan)
  • Zosterops montanus obstinatus: Moluccas (Ternate, Bacan and Seram)
  • Zosterops montanus difficilis: S Sumatra
  • Zosterops chloris chloris: Tayandu Is. and Kai Is. (Banda Sea)
  • Zosterops chloris mentoris: N-central Sulawesi
  • Zosterops chloris intermedius: S Sulawesi to Muna, Butung, Flores and Sumbawa
  • Zosterops chloris [maxi, solombensis, zachlorus]: Karimata Islands (off southwestern Borneo), islets south and east of Belitung, Seribu Islands, Karimunjawa Islands, Gili (off Bawean Island), Laut Kecil Islands, Kangean Islands, Menjangan (off northwestern Bali), Nusa Penida, and Lombok
  • Zosterops flavissimus: Wakatobi Islands, southeast of Sulawesi
  • Zosterops citrinella citrinella: Lesser Sundas (Timor, Rote, Sawu and Sumba)
  • Zosterops citrinella harterti: Alor (e Lesser Sundas)
  • Zosterops citrinella albiventris: Tanimbar Is. and islands off n Queensland south to Lizard I.
  • Zosterops citrinella unicus: W Lesser Sundas (Sumbawa and Flores)
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Oriental, Everett's or Japanese White-eye [s.l.]
Zostérops oriental, Z. d'Everett ou Z. du Japon [s.l.]

Authorities recognizing this taxonomic concept:

Avibase taxonomic concepts (current):
Oriental, Everett's or Japanese White-eye [s.l.] ( Zosterops [palpebrosus, everetti, japonicus s.l., chloris, citrinella])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 07 (Feb 2020):
Oriental, Everett's or Japanese White-eye [s.l.] ( Zosterops [palpebrosus, everetti, japonicus s.l., chloris, citrinella])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 08 (Feb 2021):
Oriental, Everett's or Japanese White-eye [s.l.] ( Zosterops [palpebrosus, everetti, japonicus s.l., chloris, citrinella])

Taxonomic status:

Species status: species group (sometimes a species)

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English: Oriental, Everett's or Japanese White-eye [s.l.]
French: Zostérops oriental, Zostérops oriental, Z. d'Everett ou Z. du Japon [s.l.]
Scientific: Sylvia palpebrosa, Zosterops [palpebrosus, everetti, japonicus s.l., chloris, citrinella], Zosterops palpebrosus, Zosterops palpebrosus palpebrosus
Nepali: कांकीर

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