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Dwarf Bittern

Ixobrychus sturmii (Wagler, 1827)

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Partial list of sound recordings available from xeno-canto, &
Species name Recordist Date Location Remarks
Dwarf Bittern - Ixobrychus sturmii Bram Piot 2017-06-11 River Bénoué near Garoua, North, Nord (Cameroon) (180 m) flight call -

Single call by an adult shortly after taking off. Several birds in flooded field.



Dwarf Bittern - Ixobrychus sturmii Pamela C. Rasmussen 2 Jan 2011 Botswana: near Maun, entrance road to Island Safari Lodge (-19.925, 23.509) , Botswana (Botswana) (940 m) song - quality: good 12351
Dwarf Bittern - Ixobrychus sturmii Niall Perrins 2021-01-23 Zaagkuilsdrift Lodge, Warmbad (South Africa) (1015 m) adult, call, sex uncertain -

Bird calling at various intervals, a short croak similar to XC375030 flight call. Bird calls at 0;1;3.5;6.5;8.5;11;16;19;21;26;29s.

Calling from an open perch.




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