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Black-backed Kingfisher [incl. motleyi, capta]

Ceyx erithaca [incl motleyi, capta] (= Ceyx erithaca) (Linnaeus, C 1758)

The oriental dwarf kingfisher, also known as the black-backed kingfisher or three-toed kingfisher, is a pocket-sized bird in the family Alcedinidae. This tropical kingfisher is a partial migrant that is endemic across much of the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It resides in lowland forests, typically near streams or ponds, where it feeds upon insects, spiders, worms, crabs, fish, frogs, and lizards. This small bird is easily distinguishable from other birds in its range due to its red bill, yellow-orange underparts, lilac-rufous upperparts, and blue-black back. Source: Wikipedia

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  Ceyx erithaca

Original description

  (Linnaeus, C 1758)

   Systema Naturae ed. 10 1 p.115

  Alcedo erithaca


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  TSN: 692714

Geographic range:

  • Ceyx erithaca erithaca: resident in southwestern India and Sri Lanka; breeds from Bhutan and northeastern India to southeastern China, Indochina, and the northern Thai-Malay Peninsula (south to the Isthmus of Kra), this population partially migratory, wintering to the southern Thai-Malay Peninsula and Sumatra
  • Ceyx erithaca macrocarus: southern Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands
  • Ceyx rufidorsa motleyi: Borneo and adjacent northern offshore islands
  • Ceyx rufidorsa capta: Nias I. (off nw Sumatra)
Black-backed Kingfisher [incl. motleyi, capta]
Martin-pêcheur pourpré [incl motleyi, capta]

Authorities recognizing this taxonomic concept:

Avibase taxonomic concepts (current):
Black-backed Kingfisher [incl. motleyi, capta] ( Ceyx erithaca [incl motleyi, capta])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 04 (Aug 2016):
Black-backed Kingfisher [excl. jungei] ( Ceyx erithaca [excl. jungei])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 05 (Jan 2017):
Black-backed Kingfisher [excl. jungei] ( Ceyx erithaca [excl. jungei])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 06 (Feb 2018):
Black-backed Kingfisher [excl. jungei] ( Ceyx erithaca [excl. jungei])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 07 (Feb 2020):
Black-backed Kingfisher [excl. jungei] ( Ceyx erithaca [excl. jungei])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 08 (Feb 2021):
Black-backed Kingfisher [excl. jungei] ( Ceyx erithaca [excl. jungei])

Taxonomic status:

Species status: species (alt)

This taxon is a subspecies of Ceyx [erithaca or rufidorsa]

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Other synonyms

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Bengali: উদয়ী বামনরাঙা
Catalan: Blauet pigmeu de dors vermell
Czech: ledňáček džunglový
Danish: Orientalsk Dværgisfugl
German: Dschungelfischer
English: Black-backed Kingfisher [excl. jungei], Black-backed Kingfisher [incl. motleyi, capta]
Spanish: Martín Pescador Enano Oriental
Estonian: ritsika-jäälind
Finnish: kolmivarvaskalastaja
French: Martin-pêcheur pourpré, Martin-pêcheur pourpré (erithaca), Martin-pêcheur pourpré [excl. jungei], Martin-pêcheur pourpré [incl motleyi, capta]
Hungarian: vörhenyes jégmadár
Indonesian: Udang Api
Italian: Martin pescatore dorsonero
Japanese (romaji): mitsuyubikawasemi
Japanese: ミツユビカワセミ
Japanese (Kanji): 三つ趾川蝉
Scientific: Alcedo erithaca, Ceyx erithaca, Ceyx erithaca [excl. jungei], Ceyx erithaca [incl motleyi, capta], Ceyx erithaca erithaca, Ceyx erithacus
Lithuanian: Tripirštis miškinis tulžys
Malay: Pekaka Api
Dutch: Jungledwergijsvogel
Norwegian: Orientisfugl
Polish: zimorodek czarnogrzbiety
Pinyin: sān-zhǐ cuì-niǎo
Russian: Трёхпалый лесной зимородок
Slovak: rybárik džunglový
Slovenian: triprsti vodomec
Swedish: orientalisk dvärgkungsfiskare
Tamil: Chinna Meenkothi
Thai: นกกะเต็นน้อยหลังดำ
Thai (Transliteration): nók kà-ten nóaay săam-níw lăŋ-dam
Ukrainian: Рибалочка-крихітка трипалий
Vietnamese: Chim Bồng chanh đỏ
Chinese: 三趾翠鸟
Chinese (Traditional): 三趾翠鳥
Chinese (Taiwan, Traditional): 三趾翠鳥
Chinese (Taiwan): 三趾翠鸟

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