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Lesser Moorhen

Gallinula angulata Sundevall, 1850

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Species name Recordist Date Location Remarks
Lesser Moorhen - Gallinula angulata Gary Allport 2018-03-11 Maputo, Marracuene, Cidade de Maputo, Maputo (Mozambique) (0 m) call, flight call -

This is partly a mystery call. The opening call was delivered by a Lesser Moorhen which flew and landed giving the call on the recording as it landed and then a series of clucks afterwards. It sounds very like a Little Grebe but it was definitely a Lesser Moorhen. I then had two further phrases delivered from the same area of flooded vegetation but coudlnt see the bird - but there was however a Little Grebe in sight about 30yds away. On the spectro the calls look identical to me so I think theyre all L Moorhens. Listening to the opening call it does sound very like a Little Grebe but is discernibly different. I would value comments.



Lesser Moorhen - Gallinula angulata Gary Allport 2018-02-25 Maputo, Cidade de Maputo, Maputo (Mozambique) (10 m) call, song -

The call (song) was a series of 8-10 repeated creaky notes in rapid succession, delivered as a phrase once every 5 seconds or so (11 repetitions in this 58s clip). A second bird was either answering or maybe dueting as a more subtle quieter and lower toned response. It's not clear if the cluck at 43s is a Moorhen (which were also present) or a Lesser Moorhen. This call was delivered before dawn and continued until about 90 minues after sunrise.




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