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Purple-throated Carib

Eulampis jugularis (Linnaeus, 1766)

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Partial list of sound recordings available from xeno-canto, &
Species name Recordist Date Location Remarks
Purple-throated Carib - Eulampis jugularis Jack Baddams 2016-06-14 D-Smart Farm, Corona Estate, Corona, Dominica, Saint Paul (Dominica) (550 m) call -

Sound recording made while bird was being processed after capture for research purposes. The recording has been edited to shorten the length and cut together all the sounds made by the bird over the 2 minutes it was being processed.



Purple-throated Carib - Eulampis jugularis Linda R. Macaulay 2003-01-14 Vermont Mountain Nature Trail, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, St.Vincent and Grenadines (St.Vincent and Grenadines)   -   122618
Purple-throated Carib - Eulampis jugularis Terry Davis 2013-02-18 Saba, Saba (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) (480 m) Relocative, call, flight call, possibly alarm-type call? -

Buzzy-burry emphatic'zeeyah' or Zeeyu' calls. Possibly relocative note or alarm-type calls- as birds were only observed making the call right as they quickly relocated. PTCA calls can be heard beginning between 0:1-2 seconds into the recording (1), then at 0:8 (1), then at 0:17-20 (2). Cut also includes single possible Bananaquit call early-mid recording and probable Caribbean Elaenia toward end. This cut is a condensed version (no other editing) of a longer 4:29 recording made over the course of approx 45 mins to an hr between 0815-0915 am. I was a new user of the PCM-D50 at the time, often forgetting to hit 'divide' before ending and beginning new recordings. The recordings were made on the Sandy Cruz trail, beginning not too far into the forest west of the trail head at Hell's Gate (now known as Zion's Hill)- then from there west to just west of the All Too Far Trailhead. This is on the northern flank of Mt Scenery at mid-upper altitudes, in a dense area of the rain forest with numerous deep, narrow ravines (referred to locally as 'guts' ) and profuse understory vegetation. Most recordings were made slightly within or below the area known as the 'palm brakes'. Two other birds were heard between just west of the All Too far trailhead and the switchbacks just n of troy Hill. My highest count during my near 1 month stay was made this day of 7 individuals. Although more cloudy than not on this day (and most others during my stay there), the area was going through an extended and excessively dry period.


Purple-throated Carib - Eulampis jugularis Allen T. Chartier 24/04/1994 Quilesse Forest Reserve, east of Soufriere, St. Lucia, Soufrière (Saint Lucia) (300 m) Call (no score) - Human voices in background 9464
Purple-throated Carib - Eulampis jugularis Linda R. Macaulay 2001-12-29 La Port en Quiless; Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia (Saint Lucia)   -   115930

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