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Rufous-bellied Swallow

Cecropis badia Cassin, 1853

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Partial list of sound recordings available from xeno-canto, &
Species name Recordist Date Location Remarks
Rufous-bellied Swallow - Cecropis badia Sander Pieterse 07-06-2010 The Gap, Selangor, Selangor (Malaysia) (? m) calls (B) - Often treated as Rufous-bellied Swallow, Cecropis badia. Three individuals on the road in front of the Gap Resthouse. Both 'trrrr' and 'weep' calls are from the swallow. Car passing by at end of recording. 65518
Rufous-bellied Swallow - Cecropis badia Mike Nelson 2015-03-16 Fraser's Hill, Pahang, Fraser's Hill, Pahang (Malaysia) (1200 m) call -




Rufous-bellied Swallow - Cecropis badia Teus Luijendijk 1990-05-01 The Gap (near Fraser's Hill), Selangor, Selangor (Malaysia) (850 m) flight call -



Rufous-bellied Swallow - Cecropis badia Mike Nelson 2013-08-30 Kampung Simpang Industrial estate, Kinta, Perak, Perak (Malaysia) (60 m) call, song -



Rufous-bellied Swallow - Cecropis badia Ian Davies 2017-02-16 Ao Phang-nga NP--headquarters vicinity, Phangnga, Thailand, Phangnga (Thailand)   -   52525921

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