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Rufous Shrike-thrush [excl. wuroi]

Colluricincla rufogaster [excl. wuroi] (= Colluricincla rufogaster) Gould, 1845

The rufous shrikethrush is a species of bird in the family Pachycephalidae. Source: Wikipedia

  Colluricincla rufogaster

Original description

  Gould, 1845

  Proc.Zool.Soc.London p. 80

  Colluricincla rufogaster


Avibase identifiers

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Avibase ID:

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Taxonomic Serial Number:
  TSN: 922177

Geographic range:

  • Colluricincla rufogaster rufogaster: E Australia (se Queensland to ne New South Wales)
  • Colluricincla rufogaster synaptica: Rainforests of c Queensland (Burdekin R. to Dawson R. basin)
  • Colluricincla rufogaster gouldii: E Queensland (Connors Range to Dawes Range)
  • Colluricincla rufogaster goodsoni: S New Guinea (Merauke District)
  • Colluricincla rufogaster normani: Coastal n Queensland (w and e Cape York Peninsula)
  • Colluricincla rufogaster aelptes: Northern Territory (coastal Gulf of Carpenteria)
  • Colluricincla rufogaster griseata: Rainforests of ne Queensland (Cooktown to Ingham)
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Rufous Shrike-thrush [excl. wuroi]
Siffleur roux [excl. wuroi]

Authorities recognizing this taxonomic concept:

Avibase taxonomic concepts (current):
Rufous Shrike-thrush [excl. wuroi] ( Colluricincla rufogaster [excl. wuroi])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 07 (Feb 2020):
Rufous Shrike-thrush [excl. wuroi] ( Colluricincla rufogaster [excl. wuroi])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 08 (Feb 2021):
Rufous Shrike-thrush [excl. wuroi] ( Colluricincla rufogaster [excl. wuroi])
Clements, version 2021:
Rufous Shrikethrush ( Colluricincla rufogaster) [version 7]
eBird version 2019:
Little Shrikethrush (Rufous) ( Colluricincla megarhyncha [rufogaster Group]) [version 6]
eBird version 2021:
Rufous Shrikethrush ( Colluricincla rufogaster) [version 7]

Taxonomic status:

Species status: species (alt)

This taxon is a subspecies of Colluricincla [megarhyncha, fortis, rufogaster, affinis, obscura, discolor, excl. parvula]

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Other synonyms

German: Röteldickkopf, Walddickkopf [rufogaster-Gruppe]
English: Little Shrikethrush (Rufous), Rufous Shrikethrush, Rufous Shrike-thrush [excl. wuroi]
English, HBW: Little Shrike-thrush (Rufous)
English (IOC): Rufous Shrikethrush
English (United States): Little Shrikethrush (Rufous), Rufous Shrikethrush
Spanish: Picanzo Chico (grupo rufaster), Picanzo Rufo
Spanish (Spain): Picanzo chico (grupo rufaster), Picanzo rufo
French: Siffleur châtain (rufogaster), Siffleur roux, Siffleur roux [excl. wuroi]
Japanese: チャイロモズツグミ (rufogaster グループ)
Scientific: Colluricincla megarhyncha [rufogaster Group], Colluricincla rufogaster, Colluricincla rufogaster [excl. wuroi], Colluricincla rufogaster rufogaster
Norwegian: løvplystrer (rufogaster)
Polish: fletnik zmienny [gr. rufogaster]
Portuguese (Portugal): picanço-de-barriga-ruiva
Russian: Ржавобрюхий питуи, Светлоклювый питуи [группа rufogaster]
Slovak: gudilang austrálsky, gudilang austrálsky (skup.)
Swedish: mindre törntrast [gruppen rufogaster], rosttörntrast
Turkish: Kızıl Islıkçıardıç, Küçük ıslıkçıardıç [rufogaster grubu]

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