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Brown Wood-Owl (Brown, incl. myrtha, nyctiphasma)

Strix leptogrammica [indranee, incl. myrtha, nyctiphasma] (= Strix leptogrammica indranee) Sykes, WH 1832

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  Strix leptogrammica indranee

Original description

  Sykes, WH 1832

   Proc. Comm. Sci. Corres. Zool. Soc. London Part 2 no.18 p. 82

  Strix Indranee


Avibase identifiers

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Avibase ID:

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Taxonomic Serial Number:
  TSN: 686948

Geographic range:

  • Strix leptogrammica indranee: Peninsular India
  • Strix leptogrammica ochrogenys: Sri Lanka
  • Strix leptogrammica newarensis: Himalayas (Jammu and Kashmir to ne India)
  • Strix leptogrammica ticehursti: Myanmar to se China, Thailand, n Laos and n Vietnam
  • Strix leptogrammica caligata: Hainan and Taiwan
  • Strix leptogrammica laotiana: S Laos and central Vietnam (Annam)
  • Strix leptogrammica maingayi: S Myanmar, s Thailand and Malay Peninsula
  • Strix leptogrammica myrtha: Sumatra
  • Strix leptogrammica nyctiphasma: Banyak I. (off nw Sumatra)
  • Strix leptogrammica niasensis: Nias I. (off nw Sumatra)
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Brown Wood-Owl (Brown, incl. myrtha, nyctiphasma)
Chouette leptogramme [indranee, incl. myrtha, nyctiphasma]

Authorities recognizing this taxonomic concept:

Avibase taxonomic concepts (current):
Brown Wood-Owl (Brown, incl. myrtha, nyctiphasma) ( Strix leptogrammica [indranee, incl. myrtha, nyctiphasma])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 07 (Feb 2020):
Brown Wood-Owl (Brown) ( Strix leptogrammica [indranee])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 08 (Feb 2021):
Brown Wood-Owl (Brown) ( Strix leptogrammica [indranee])
eBird version 2018:
Brown Wood-Owl (Brown) ( Strix leptogrammica [indranee Group]) [version 2]
eBird version 2019:
Brown Wood-Owl (Brown) ( Strix leptogrammica [indranee Group]) [version 2]
eBird version 2021:
Brown Wood-Owl (Brown) ( Strix leptogrammica [indranee Group]) [version 2]

Taxonomic status:

Species status: subspecies group (alt)

This taxon is a subspecies of Strix leptogrammica

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Other synonyms

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German: Malaienkauz [indranee-Gruppe]
English: Brown Wood-Owl (Brown), Brown Wood-Owl (Brown, incl. myrtha, nyctiphasma)
English, HBW: Brown Wood-Owl (Brown)
English (IOC): Brown Wood Owl (Brown)
English (United States): Brown Wood-Owl (Brown)
Spanish: Cárabo Oriental (grupo indranee)
Spanish (Spain): Cárabo oriental (grupo indranee)
French: Chouette de Sykes, Chouette leptogramme [indranee, incl. myrtha, nyctiphasma], Chouette leptogramme [indranee]
Icelandic: Eldugla [indranee hópur]
Japanese: オオフクロウ (indranee グループ), オオフクロウ(indranee グループ)
Scientific: Strix Indranee, Strix leptogrammica [indranee Group], Strix leptogrammica [indranee, incl. myrtha, nyctiphasma], Strix leptogrammica [indranee], Strix leptogrammica indranee
Norwegian: brunlinjeugle (indranee gr.)
Polish: puszczyk brunatny [gr. indranee]
Portuguese (Portugal): coruja-castanha [grupo indranee]
Russian: Малайская неясыть [группа indranee]
Slovak: sova hnedotvárová (skup.)
Serbian: Smeđa šumska sova (smeđa)
Swedish: vitbrynad uggla [gruppen indranee]
Thai: นกเค้าป่าสีน้ำตาล (ธรรมดา)
Turkish: Yazılı kahverengi baykuş [indranee grubu]
Chinese: 褐林鸮(广布)
Chinese (Traditional): 褐林鴞(indranee群)

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