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Guam Swiftlet

Aerodramus bartschi (Mearns, 1909)

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The table provided below compares authorities for this taxon and related concept. Names in red are those that differ from the name in the column located immediately to the left.
Species concept         
* Aerodramus unicolor  
Aerodramus [infuscatus, sororum or ceramensis]  
* Aerodramus infuscatus  
* Aerodramus sororum  
* Aerodramus ceramensis  
Aerodramus [spodiopygius, terraereginae, infuscatus, sororum or ceramensis]  
Aerodramus [spodiopygius, chillagoensis or terraereginae]  
* Aerodramus spodiopygius  
Aerodramus spodiopygius [spodiopygius]  
Aerodramus spodiopygius spodiopygius  
Aerodramus spodiopygius delichon  
Aerodramus spodiopygius eichhorni  
Aerodramus spodiopygius noonaedanae  
Aerodramus spodiopygius desolatus  
Aerodramus spodiopygius epiensis  
Aerodramus spodiopygius ingens  
Aerodramus spodiopygius leucopygius  
Aerodramus spodiopygius assimilis  
Aerodramus spodiopygius townsendi  
Aerodramus spodiopygius reichenowi  
Aerodramus [terraereginae or chillagoensis]  
* Aerodramus terraereginae  
* Aerodramus chillagoensis  
Aerodramus [brevirostris, vulcanorum or rogersi]  
Aerodramus [brevirostris or rogersi]  
* Aerodramus brevirostris  
Aerodramus brevirostris brevirostris  
Aerodramus brevirostris brevirostris (brevirostris)  
[Aerodramus brevirostris brevirostris (inopina)]  
Aerodramus brevirostris innominatus  
Aerodramus brevirostris innominatus (innominatus)  
[Aerodramus brevirostris innominatus (capnitis)]  
Aerodramus brevirostris [incl. unicolor]  
* Aerodramus vulcanorum  
* Aerodramus rogersi  
Aerodramus [whiteheadi, orientalis or nuditarsus, incl. tsubame, apoensis]  
Aerodramus [whiteheadi, orientalis or nuditarsus]  
Aerodramus whiteheadi [incl. tsubame, apoensis]  
* Aerodramus whiteheadi  
Aerodramus whiteheadi whiteheadi  
Aerodramus whiteheadi origenis  
* Aerodramus nuditarsus  
Aerodramus [orientalis or nuditarsus]  
* Aerodramus orientalis  
Aerodramus orientalis orientalis  
Aerodramus orientalis leletensis  
* Aerodramus salangana  
Aerodramus salangana salangana  
Aerodramus salangana natunae  
Aerodramus salangana natunae (natunae)  
[Aerodramus salangana natunae (pop. 2)]  
Aerodramus salangana [aerophilus]  
Aerodramus salangana aerophilus  
Aerodramus salangana maratua  
* Aerodramus palawanensis  
Aerodramus palawanensis (palawanensis)  
[Aerodramus palawanensis (tsubame)]  
Aerodramus [vanikorensis, amelis, infuscatus, palawensis, mearnsi, salangana or inquietus]  
Aerodramus [vanikorensis, amelis, infuscatus, palawensis or mearnsi]  
Aerodramus [vanikorensis, amelis or palawensis]  
Aerodramus [vanikorensis or amelis]  
* Aerodramus vanikorensis  
Aerodramus vanikorensis vanikorensis  
Aerodramus vanikorensis aenigma  
Aerodramus vanikorensis heinrichi  
Aerodramus vanikorensis moluccarum  
Aerodramus vanikorensis waigeuensis  
Aerodramus vanikorensis steini  
Aerodramus vanikorensis yorki  
Aerodramus vanikorensis yorki (yorki)  
[Aerodramus vanikorensis yorki (granti)]  
Aerodramus vanikorensis tagulae  
Aerodramus vanikorensis coultasi  
Aerodramus vanikorensis pallens  
Aerodramus vanikorensis lihirensis  
Aerodramus vanikorensis lugubris  
Aerodramus [vanikorensis or palawensis]  
* Aerodramus mearnsi  
Aerodramus mearnsi (mearnsi)  
[Aerodramus mearnsi (apoensis)]  
* Aerodramus pelewensis  
Aerodramus [bartschi or pelewensis]  
* Aerodramus bartschi  
Aerodramus [inquietus, bartschi or pelewensis]  
* Aerodramus inquietus  
Aerodramus inquietus inquietus  
Aerodramus inquietus rukensis  
Aerodramus inquietus ponapensis  
Aerodramus maximus [incl. palawanensis, vulcanorum]  
* Aerodramus maximus  
Aerodramus maximus maximus  
Aerodramus maximus lowi  
Aerodramus maximus tichelmani  
Aerodramus [fuciphagus sensu lato, whiteheadi, maximus or spodiopygius]  
Aerodramus fuciphagus [sensu lato]  
Aerodramus [fuciphagus, inexpectatus, vestitus or germani]  
Aerodramus [fuciphagus, inexpectatus or vestitus, incl. amechanus]  
Aerodramus [fuciphagus, inexpectatus or vestitus]  
Aerodramus [fuciphagus or inexpectatus]  
* Aerodramus fuciphagus  
Aerodramus fuciphagus fuciphagus  
Aerodramus fuciphagus fuciphagus (fuciphagus)  
[Aerodramus fuciphagus fuciphagus (bartelsi)]  
[Aerodramus fuciphagus fuciphagus (javensis)]  
Aerodramus fuciphagus perplexus  
Aerodramus fuciphagus dammermani  
Aerodramus fuciphagus micans  
Aerodramus fuciphagus [incl. innominatus, natunae, capnitis]  
Aerodramus vestitus [incl. aerophilus, maratua and mearnsi]  
* Aerodramus vestitus  
Aerodramus [inexpectatus, germani, amelis, pelewensis, bartschi, perplexus, dammermani, micans]  
* Aerodramus inexpectatus  
* Aerodramus germani  
Aerodramus germani germani  
Aerodramus germani amechanus  
Aerodramus [amelis or palawanensis]  
Aerodramus amelis [incl. perplexus]  
* Aerodramus amelis  

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