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Dinelli's Doradito

Pseudocolopteryx dinelliana Lillo, 1905

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This table contains the extended synonymy (excluding common names) for the taxonomic concept Pseudocolopteryx dinelliana. This includes all variations of the name (e.g. emendations, recombination, published spelling errors), as well as any known nomenclatural synonyms found in Avibase (e.g. all species, subspecies, subsumed subspecies, junior synonmyms and other taxon names now placed in synonymy). Vernacular synonyms can also be found on the main summary page.

Original description

Scientific:   Pseudocolopteryx dinelliana
Citation:   Lillo, 1905
Protonym:   Pseudocolopteryx dinellianus
Reference:   Rev.Letr.Cien.Soc.(Tucuman) p.48
Type locality:   environs of Tucuman, Argentina.


Avibase nameSynonymSynonym typeProtonym CitationReference
Pseudocolopteryx dinellianaPseudocolopteryx dinellianacurrently in use Pseudocolopteryx dinellianusLillo 1905 Rev.Letr.Cien.Soc.(Tucuman) p.48
Pseudocolopteryx dinellianaPseudocolopteryx dinellianusprotonym (original spelling) Pseudocolopteryx dinellianusLillo 1905 Rev.Letr.Cien.Soc.(Tucuman) p.48

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